Presenting to the Board

Recently I had the opportunity to make a presentation about the Clara Brown documentary to the board of the Black American West Museum & Heritage Center 1452526_741291455899140_498263921_nhere in Denver. This was an ideal chance to show the work in progress to a group of people whose opinion I truly value. In fact, it’s the first time any group of people has seen what I’m working on at all.

The result was quite positive! I literally got a “thumbs up” and encouragement to move forward. As much as I love the story of Clara Brown, it’s important for me to realize that I am working outside of my own culture. It’s easy to step on toes, make blunders or make assumptions. I’m planning on adding some more discussion to the piece about the term “aunt” as a result of this meeting.

The consensus was that I can now say this documentary is “in cooperation with Black American West Museum & Heritage Center”. Once the work has screened at some film festivals, I will also be donating copies of the DVD for them to screen and sell. This was very exciting and validating!

In asking for advice and insight from the board, one suggestion was that I look into the activities of the Black Genealogy Search Group in town. As a result I learned about an upcoming event called “Black Genealogy Search Group Heritage Festival 2015” which takes place in October. I plan to attend and look forward to learning more from here.


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