River’s Edge International Film Festival

Last montreiff_site_logoh I attended the River’s Edge International Film Festival in Paducah, KY where, “Clara, Angel of the Rockies”, had it’s premiere screening. Before leaving, I called Gwen Scott, who spent years as a Clara Brown re-enactor, to tell her the good news. Scott was excited to hear that the story would finally circle back to Kentucky, where Brown had been enslaved!

During the trip, my partner, Jennifer Champagne, and I made a quick stop in Russellville, KY. This is the town where Brown spent most of her 50 years of slavery. There is no sign recognizing her in the town, but at least we could get a feel for it. Even on a short visit, it was clear that Russellville is more conservative than Paducah, which is about two hours to the west of it.

At the festival in Paducah I met a documentary filmmaker from New York, a filmmaker from Nashville, another from Kentucky and three filmmakers from California. Everyone at the festival and in the town was amazingly friendly and I saw 17 films over the weekend. Many of the films were from other countries including Serbia, France, Cyprus, Ireland and Hong Kong.

While this was the premiere live screening my documentary, I’ve just received official news about how the film will reach a much wider audience in the next month and will be posting that information next week._mg_7283


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