Audience Award at Women + Film

WFF-2017-Laurels-Award-Winner copy.jpg

A couple weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when “Clara: Angel of the Rockies” won the audience award for short films at the Women + Film festival in Denver! Oftentimes, the audience awards at festivals can be the result of the screening being filled with people who participated in or supported the film. Since most of my friends/supporters have seen the film at this point, I didn’t encourage them to come. But two very special people did come to this screening! Dr. George Junne, a professor of Africana studies at the University of Northern Colorado, and Roger Baker, a Clara Brown biographer, were both in attendance. They were two of my key interviews for the film and it was extremely special to have them at the Colorado premiere for this piece. As always, my partner, Jen Champagne, was there to support the film, even though she has seen it numerous times. I am extremely thankful for this award and hope it further validates a worthwhile story and project.



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